Determine the viability of your new service or product.

Our market research allows you to discover your target market, get opinions and other feedback from consumers about their interest in your product or service.

Intelligence thorough crowd sourcing

Our organization will help youlearn about people and societies so that they can design products/services that cater to various needs of the people.

Optimize your presense.

Do you want to conduct research but feel the burden of acquiring customized tools? OmniBus quicky helps you gain insights from the general public.

Research and Communicate Effectively

This service evaluates communication process and examines the relationships among the media endeavors and the target audience.

Branded Products

Price Trak

What is the perfect price for your product for maximum revenues and long company life.

Loyal Trak

Measure customer satisfaction by measuring customer loyalty, commitment and satisfaction. 

Insure Trak

Since 2010, ensure your stakeholders stay happy and loyal with InsureTrak. Determine loyalty to your financial services. 

Info Shopper

Explore our mystery shopper tools that helps measure quality of service, and focus attention on business management.

Kap Trak

A representative study of a specific population to collect information on what in known, believed and done in relation to a particular behavioral area


Reinforce your employee loyalty by understanding why they are proud of your company by measuring commitment, growth and much more.

Bank Trak

Since 2008, Assess level of satisfaction with both functional and emotional aspects of your bank, microfinance, sacco.

Brand Trak

Great companies that build an enduring brand have emotional relationship with customers with trust and BrandTrak.


Do you test your Ad performance before live or you trust it will work? Never rest until you test.

Poli Trak

Our voice of the people polls linking public need to political intent.

Teen Trak

From Generation Y to Generation  Z to Generation Alpha … everything you need to know about our ever changing youth.

Call Center

With more than 50 call center executives, we deliver extensive and intense research in record time.

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