The direction the country is taking in july 2023


Release Date: Wednesday, 24th July, 2023

Kenya has found itself amid a tumultuous first half of 2023, ignited by an upsurge of opposition-led public
protests that have spotlighted the escalating cost of living and governance issues. Compounding the public's dissatisfaction are the proposed tax measures under the controversial Finance Act, 2023. Despite the waves of unrest, the government remains unyielding, asserting that protests will not change its policy course.

During these consequential times, the recently conducted Infotrak 'Voice of the People' Poll offers an invaluable barometer of public sentiment. This poll captures the citizens' views on a range of issues, such as:
a) The burning issues that preoccupy the Kenyan public;
b) Their perceptions about the direction in which the country is moving;
c) Their stance on the new tax measures proposed by the currently suspended Finance Act, 2023.

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