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About Us

Infotrak Research and Consulting is a full service research company founded in 2004 following the vision of providing the Pan African Market with suitable information solutions required to sustain the ever-growing economies in the continent.

Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, Infotrak also has affiliate offices in Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria and field contacts in more than 12 other countries in Sub Saharan Africa.

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Our Latest Poll

Do you think former CBK Governor Njuguna Ndung'u played any part in the current wave of bank closures?

Yes - 71.4%
No - 28.6%
The voting for this poll has ended


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africog press release


•Over the years, public opinions and perceptions have played a critical role in Kenya.
Information from the public has been used to determine how citizens feel about policy issues,
to identify needs, to monitor performance, to identify citizen budget priorities, to
evaluate specific services and so on.

•In continuation of this effort, both AfriCOG and KPTJ commissioned Infotrak Research & Consulting
to conduct a nationwide survey to assess public perceptions of select independent commissions,
institutions and the three arms of government (namely the Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary)
in the discharge of their duties with transparency, accountability and integrity.

•The survey also sought to ascertain public perceptions on key issues of public importance,
in particular those that threaten constitutional and democratic rights.


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PoliTrak 2016




Sixteen Months to the next general elections, speculation is already rife on who is poised to

win the elections. Jostling and political scheming is steadily getting into top gear.

While opinion leaders and politicians share their views on who they think will win the next election, it is truly the Voice of the Kenyan people that matters. They ultimately have the mandate to pick the leaders of their choice.

It is against this background that The Infotrak Popularity People Poll is conducted every quarter to gauge the popularity of political leaders and political parties/coalitions. Among the issues to be shared tomorrow are:

  1. Who are the most popular political leaders in Kenya currently?

  2. If elections were held today, would it be a two- horse race, three-horse race, or

    open field for all?

  3. Who are the most popular presidential candidates for each coalition assuming

    elections were held today?

  4. Who would the youth under 30 years vote for if elections were held today?

    Which candidate/s appeals to the youth?

  5. Do Kenyans trust the key institutions that are critical as we edge closer to 2017




Pope francis visits Kenya


excited 1


Almost all Kenyans, are excited about the Pope’s visit to Kenya this week.

The excitement cuts across religious denominations, regions, age and gender.

93% of all Kenyans recently interviewed expressed excitement towards the Pope’s visit.
Amongst the Catholics interviewed, 98% are extremely excited about the visit whilst 91% of

non Catholics are excited about the Pope’s visit.
This is Pope Francis’ maiden visit to Africa



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