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About Us

Infotrak Research and Consulting is a full service research company founded in 2004 following the vision of providing the Pan African Market with suitable information solutions required to sustain the ever-growing economies in the continent.

Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, Infotrak also has affiliate offices in Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria and field contacts in more than 12 other countries in Sub Saharan Africa.

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Do you think the charges laid against journalist Yassin juma help security or not?


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PoliTrak 2015




The latest Infotrak voice of the people poll reveals that majority of Kenyans are not happy with the direction

the country is taking. Indeed the key issue of concern for many Kenyans has shifted from the economy to

corruption. Kenyans are emphatic that public officials mentioned in corrupt dealing must either be

prosecuted immediately, step aside forthwith or resign. Nearly no one condones public officials sitting put in

office if they have been in anyway linked to corrupt cases. And to leaders, the message from Kenyans is

crystal clear. It will not be business as usual. Indeed approval and support will moving forward be

concomitant to leadership’s actions in dealing with the runaway graft and the unbearably high cost of living.

As Kenyans withhold their approval, they are stating to the leadership that “you either deal with our

concerns or face the consequences of our disapproval”.

“Angela Ambitho, Managing Director, Infotrak”



Pope francis visits Kenya


excited 1


Almost all Kenyans, are excited about the Pope’s visit to Kenya this week.

The excitement cuts across religious denominations, regions, age and gender.

93% of all Kenyans recently interviewed expressed excitement towards the Pope’s visit.
Amongst the Catholics interviewed, 98% are extremely excited about the visit whilst 91% of

non Catholics are excited about the Pope’s visit.
This is Pope Francis’ maiden visit to Africa



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